Interview at OSH Museum

I have the special opportunity to be interviewed by Dr. Mickey Stellavato for a story about my experiences at the Oregon State Hospital, on Sept. 25th.

The interview will be held at the Oregon State Hospital Museum at 2 pm. Here is an excerpt about Salem from my book Sherry Goes Sane:

Salem! I’m in Salem. Not the rainy capital of Oregon, but the Salem that kids taunted you with when they wanted to imply that you were insane. Salem, the state mental hospital, which was the site used for the filming of much of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. But I shouldn’t be here. I’m not crazy. I’m pissed off, but not crazy. That damn Connie Funkle with her insane desire to belittle me and challenge every good thing I try to do, throwing all the stuff from my hall locker onto the floor then loudly telling me to pick up my mess.

I’ll show them how not crazy I am!




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