Posted in October 2020

ARTWORK Together

Painting called “Facing and Overcoming Adversity Together,” by Sherry M. Joiner. Lets make the most of these times and vote.


I entered three oil paintings at the Multnomah County Modified Fair October 17 and 18th at Oaks Park Took home first place on my painting “The Dawn’s Early Light,” and third place for my painting, Sampson- Doxie poo, “I’m waiting for Sgt. Billy to come home.” I was thrilled.

ABOUT Painting

 Painting is personal to me. I am the gardener who digs deep into the dirt, squeezing the tiny seeds of a flower in my hand, and sprinkling them over the imagination of my soul. As the flower grows, head held high, it decorates my garden and the world with its beauty and renews my belief … Continue reading