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Sherry Goes Sane Schizoaffective

Bridge Crossing with Tia Didi. Schizoaffective Disorder   A Fiftieth Anniversary- the Crossing of the Astoria-Megler Bridge, and the Beach Volleyball Tournament in Seaside were taking place as my husband, Joe and I drove to Seaside, Oregon, this weekend. However, it wasn’t the traffic that made our trip unique and special, the ocean air was … Continue reading

Educational Book for Babies

“Matching the Shapes.” This is one pattern handed down to me, that I incorporated in the ‘Baby Book” I made for my adopted grand daughter, Kayla. Here, she is, matching the colors to the shapes.

Pages in life to be thankful for

A message to everyone on my facebook, twitter, Linkedin and those who visit my website I would like to let you know that I will be away for awhile taking care of family matters. Thank you for all of your visits. I enjoy blogging with you and your input. I love your stories. In appreciation for all that you do. Take care, until then, Sherry  

Keep Smiling, A Poem I wrote

A Poem I wrote last evening Keep Smiling I haven’t talked to you in such awhile, You know I’d do anything just to see you smile. I sing with glee when your contagious smile extends on to me. So just keep smiling… Don’t worry if people may see you frown, No matter what happens Try … Continue reading

‘Arranging flowers’

My painting of young Julie A. Fast arranging flowers. Every time Julie has invited me to her lovely home to visit her mom’s beautiful garden, she plucks a bouquet from the sweet earth and hands it to me. Friends are the flowers in the gardens of life.