Posted in August 2017

ABOUT Houston Flooding

Wish my arms were long enough to extend a hand to the unfortunate people of Houston and to the other cities in Texas affected by the flood waters   Sending my love, my prayers, my healing blessings and support to you, your friends, and family members,who are struggling right now through this devastation.


Had a wonderful time at the NAMI Multnomah picnic at Laurelhurst Park on Thursday   Received a NAMI MultnomahVolunteer Recognition Award for my services as a lecturer in a psych ward and an In Our Own Voice speaker to hospitals, universities, Family2Family classes and mental health corperations since 2011. Saturday day I joined Gary Marschke, … Continue reading

ARTWORK Painting Sold

Sold my painting Carrying Peace to Home to a grade school friend Lana Walters and shipping it tomorrow   I am so happy and excited about my stroke of luck, that I wanted to share it with you. I sold my painting to Lana Walters, a friend I’ve known since we were twelve. She sent … Continue reading

Solar Eclipse

Viewed the Solar Eclipse from our home this morning and found it to be stunning, spiritual like, and breath taking   What a gift it is to witness such a magnificent event!    

ABOUT Barcelona

Reminiscing about Barcelona   My sister Diana, and I at Guell Park, Barcelona, Spain, 1995. Feeling such sorrow for the wonderful people of Barcelona who were the innocent victims of an attack. Its so senseless that the extremists, the haters, the bigots, racists, and sexists of this world want us to live in a world … Continue reading


Hope for tomorrow in a world of chaos living with schizoaffective disorder healing through painting   Decided to paint a peaceful setting where I can see myself floating along on one of these boats in a cool breeze, with peaceful color bursts of love, hope, and serenity pushing me down stream. I named this painting, … Continue reading

ARTWORK Juryied Show Ribbon

  Receiving a ribbon for my ocean painting living with Schizoaffective Disorder   Yesterday, I was jumping up and down. The painting I did of the Ocean, I call ‘Healing and Moving On’ received a 2nd Place Ribbon at the North Clackamas Arts Guild Juryied Show. I am so elated that I wanted to share … Continue reading

ARTWORK Juryied Show Exhibit

Participating in North Clackamas Arts Guild Show with Schizoaffective Disorder Please come by and visit North Clackamas Arts Guild juryied art show at King of Kings Lutheran Church, 5501 SE Thiessen Rd. Milwaukie, Oregon, Saturday, August 5th 10 AM- 4 PM. I will be displaying three paintings and this painting I did here of Mother … Continue reading

ABOUT New Art Display

Art Exhibit and signing Sherry Goes Sane books     I have a new art display and signing of Sherry Goes Sane books, this Friday, August 4, at First Friday in Milwaukie, 5-9pm, NAMI Clackamas Booth. This painting I did- ‘Light at the End of the Tunnel’ will be on display with my posters. Please … Continue reading