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ABOUT Father’s Day

My husband, my friend   Joe, who ran a printing press the majority of his life, and who was afflicted with diabetes in 1987,  is my mainstay of 39 years.  He has been through one of my hospitalizations and took care of me through my bout of psychosis and other physical ailments. Joe has been emotionally strong for me upon the … Continue reading

ABOUT Picture with Vice President

Schizoaffective Disorder opportunity to meet Vice President Biden   So glad that I had the honor to meet and talk with Vice President Biden. Here is a picture of Vice President Biden, Leanne Baldwin, (Ladies in Blue), center, and me taken at the Convention Center in Portland, Oregon, at the Vice President, Biden’s and Senator … Continue reading

Keep Smiling, A Poem I wrote

A Poem I wrote last evening Keep Smiling I haven’t talked to you in such awhile, You know I’d do anything just to see you smile. I sing with glee when your contagious smile extends on to me. So just keep smiling… Don’t worry if people may see you frown, No matter what happens Try … Continue reading

My Painting of Geodon

My article “Schizoaffective Disorder” is published in CNSupdates.com. I invite you to take a look. I did this painting of my pill Geodon I did called, The Man in The Moon. Mr. Geodon has done wonders for me and has been with me for quite sometime. I take a low dose of it prescribed by a doctor, … Continue reading

Double Life

My sister, Diana, had a great singing voice and sang with a group of girls (4 of them) called the Universal Sisters. They were African American, white, Chinese, and one who had Brazilian ancestry (my sister) . They won a contest and had the opportunity to sing for the mayor of Salt Lake City when … Continue reading

The Holiday Season- The unreal world

I paint my unreal world. During the holidays, one may deal with stress, personal grief, economic concerns, and illnesses of all kinds. People with schizo-affective disorder and mental health disorders may tend to distort reality at these times. It can cause a change in their perception of reality. Trapped by the hustle and bustle of the holidays, they find ways to channel their energy … Continue reading

ARTWORK Schizoffective

Painting Suicidal Effects with Schizoaffective and Bipolar Disorder   Reader Question 4: Have you ever been suicidal? How did Robin Williams and his suicide affect you? Suicide can, not only, involve the person who commits suicide, but the victims he takes with him. For instance, the shootings at Marysville-Pilchuck High School’s cafeteria resulted in the … Continue reading

Pumpkin Patch and news about Phoebe

Just got the news that Phoebe, my great granddaughter was cradled with love and sent home from the hospital. She is doing fine and is 3lbs. 9oz. Thank you for your positive thoughts, energy, and prayers.  Over the weekend,  my husband, his friend Todd and our adopted granddaughters had a unique experience at Olson Farms, Pumpkin Patch in … Continue reading