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ARTWORK Portrait in Black

Taking Charge with Schizoaffective Disorder   Thank you for your support. I am still grieving and will for awhile, but I am practicing peaceful meditation and am able to let go of the things I could not control or change. It finally feels good to take charge of my life once again. Painting I did … Continue reading

Getting Well

Taking care of myself after election with Schizoaffective Disorder   What an experience it was to be a roller skater in my youth. I could glide to my freedom in my rollerskating outfits as I pushed aside my fears and anxieties while I circled the rinks. Now I will try another type of creativity or … Continue reading

ABOUT Autumn

Effects of Autumn Weather on my Schizoaffective Disorder   It used to be, that every autumn that I experienced, I would go into a depressed mode. Maybe, it was the falling of the leaves, or the dense crisp air affecting my sinuses. It might have been birthday anniversaries to celebrate of relatives now past, or … Continue reading

Speaking at NAMI OR State Conference

Looking forward to giving my Special Lunchtime Presentation: Living A Life With Schizoaffective Disorder-Sherry Goes Sane, at the NAMI Oregon’s Annual Conference in Cottage Grove, Oregon. It’s at the Village Green Resort, November 14th, from Noon- 1pm. Hope to see you there! This is a painting I did in oils. I call it ‘Meditation.’ It … Continue reading

My Painting of Geodon

My article “Schizoaffective Disorder” is published in I invite you to take a look. I did this painting of my pill Geodon I did called, The Man in The Moon. Mr. Geodon has done wonders for me and has been with me for quite sometime. I take a low dose of it prescribed by a doctor, … Continue reading

My Article in NAMI Voice Newsletter

Bringing Peace and Happiness to the Psych Ward An article which ran in the NAMI Voice newsletter, Spring 2013 As a member of the National Alliance of Mental Illness and lecturer in a psych ward, I introduce a meditation exercise to my groups. I have everyone get comfortable and relaxed and count from toe to … Continue reading

A Favorite Memory

I was painting from a picture of a lady on a swing on a warm springs day. It was a blend of impressionism and realism and I was overcome by the feeling of peace and tranquility as I painted it. It reminded me of all the times I lectured at the psych ward and gave … Continue reading