Posted in June 2014

Kayla’s Birthday

We watched Rising of the Guardians last night with our adopted grand daughters Kayla and Kylie. Here is a picture of Kayla in her birthday dress my husband Joe and I got her. Kylie also celebrates her birthday in hers.

My Half Sister Shauna and Me 2004

  My dear friend and half sister, Shauna (on my dad’s side). a former high school cheerleader and teacher, lost her mom Wednesday night, June 25. I met her mom once in California and kept track of Shauna’s health reports of her throughout the years. She was a very giving sweet lady and nearing 90 when … Continue reading


I was sitting with Julie Fast, author of Mental Health books and Get It Done When You’re depressed. She told me about her post and how she was managing her hypomania during the world cup. She said, “Sherry. When was the last time you were manic?” I said, “Saturday. I was so high on life I couldn’t stop laughing.” … Continue reading

Sherry Goes Sane Contest Phase 3

Update on my painting for my Sherry Goes Sane Contest. I’m 50% done with my Contest Painting. I’m half way through painting the topic of ‘Brilliant Flowers Opening up to the Sun’ suggested by Alice Savage Gardner for my upcoming Sherry Goes Sane book contest. I will announce the actual contest details in the next … Continue reading

Subject for Sherry Goes Sane Contest

This is Phase 2 of the Sherry Goes Sane Reader Contest. Thanks so much to everyone who made a suggestion about my painting that I’m giving away in an upcoming Sherry Goes Sane Reader contest. (if you are not aware of the contest, please read my earlier posts.) Here are the topics I got to … Continue reading