Posted in March 2014

Family Visits

My nephew Justin who is a special needs teacher came to visit us with his wife Heidi and their two adorable children. We went to Crystals Springs Garden and hiked around and danced with the beautiful ducks and geese. They formed a congregation around us as if they were getting ready to hear us speak. … Continue reading

Getting Published

I began writing essays when I traveled to meet my cousins in Joao Pessoa, near the northern tip of Brazil by the Atlantic Ocean. Joao Pessoa is the second greenest city in the world. I am half Brazilian and my mom, who has passed, was from Natal, Brazil. I was infatuated with the light tan, … Continue reading

Book talk

Tuesday March 11, Thank you Michele Veenker for hosting my Sherry Goes Sane book talk at Clackamas NAMI. It was a great evening. Everyone was so receptive and it was such a reward and privilege to give my presentation to your group. Thank you so much. Last night March 12, I enjoyed Gayathri Ramprasad’s book … Continue reading

My Schizoaffective article

new link to my article Schizoaffective Disorder      Schizoaffective Disorder occurs in 1 and 100 people. It was first diagnosed by Dr. Jacob Kasanin in 1933. Many people who have it are diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or major depression because it is difficult to understand its symptoms. Over the last forty-six years I have … Continue reading

The Oscars

Loved the winners of the Academy Awards. I saw Dallas Buyers Club and thought it was a very powerful moving movie.