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ARTWORK Sea Speaks

A poem and painting I wrote and painted. The sea speaks to me in the doubts and discord of the upcoming election   ‘The Sea speaks,’ “My waves are stretched like arms to surround you. I carry kindness and love contagiously in motion to the shore. Help me to speak to the expressions of truth, … Continue reading

ARTWORK Fires 2020

Lincoln City Oregon impacted by fires   So many memories to relive while I roomed with my good friend, Alice, in Lincoln City 1968. This is a painting I did, I call ‘Ocean on ‘Fire’ by Sherry M. Joiner.  I hope when the tide turns we won’t ever have to fight the horrific fires and … Continue reading

ARTWORK Vote 2020

Completed my vote painting   Vote for Joe Biden as President and Kamala Harris as Vice President painting by Sherry M Joiner  

ABOUT Distorted Reality

The discrediting of Dr. Anthony Fauci a famous doctor during this pandemic   ‘My soul weeps for Dr. Anthony Fauci,’ painting inspired by Manet by Sherry M. Joiner  


Sending love and peace to our country to eliminate the cruelty that is defined by the discrimination of the gender and color of our skin   Painting by Sherry Joiner- “We are One, Brothers and Sisters.”  


Just wanted to express the sorrow that is going on around our country today   This is my new painting in pastels called ‘A Cause’ by Sherry M. Joiner

My ARTICLES Solutions

Today May thirtieth is namiwalks twenty twenty a national day of hope   Went on an internal peaceful NAMI walk today to fight against discrimination of mental illness, color, and people of all backgrounds. I walked for the sorrow of George Floyd and I grieved for the injustice. Something must be done, however, peacefully. People … Continue reading