Posted in December 2022

Saudades Pele

Thank you so much Pele for being the great gigantic icon of Brazil that you are. Thank you for your athletic skills, the initiation of the game of sports, your love of sports and your love for Brazil, unity and humanity. I raise my Brazilian banner to you. You will always be missed but always … Continue reading

Christmas Flower

Christmas Flower painted by Sherry M Joiner. Celebrating Goodwill and Success, Amor, Peace, Joy, Good Health, Merry Christmas and Feliz Natal to my family in Brazil


Each Giving Tuesday in December I give a gift of tooth brushes and toothpastes to those who are in need. This December for the Betterment of Mental Health and through my Supervisor Gary Marschke, NAMI Clackamas, I was able to dress a man in a long- sleeved shirt and keep him warm with a long … Continue reading