Posted in August 2013

Book excerpt: My Mother

The tragedies and sadness of her past molded her into a person she did not want to become. She was a proud Brazilian whose beginnings contrasted with her life in the United States. She came with a sense of fun and a feeling of freedom and acceptance. Her heart danced with the rhythm of the … Continue reading

Book excerpt: the wrath of God

That night the wind howls, and I think I am on a farm experiencing some tempestuous tornado. Mom’s chickens in the chicken coop are restless, and April and Patches, our horses, are stirring about, digging their hoofs into Ralph’s barbed wire fence. I witnessed a couple of gray-haired men with suspenders, overalls, and pitchforks on … Continue reading

Book excerpt: Sherry baby

I was becoming physically and mentally changed. Songs had a deeper meaning to me, and every note and every word was embedded in my soul. I wore tight-denim jeans with pink ribbons braided in the side seams of them, and every time that I heard the song, “Sherry Baby,” on the radio, I slipped on my … Continue reading

Book excerpt: my father

I showed some sensitivity toward him since distance had made us strangers, but I remember how heavy my heart felt as I grieved for the time we had lost. After catching up on our life’s experiences, he sent me away on a Greyhound bus to Salt Lake City and I met Mom and my stepdad … Continue reading

The Personal Touch

It’s all so nice to get letters and cards in the mail.  I love the personal touch. Received photos of my adopted grand girls today. They are adorable. Thanks Todd and Heather.

Improving the Quality of Life

Schizo-affective Disorder: If things are going disarray, try to jot down reasons why life isn’t working for you. I find being honest with myself and asking myself what really works for me is helpful. You can make a plan for your life involving the people you are with, asking them for their help when you … Continue reading

Portraits of Tia Joanihihia and Sam

The Oregon Society of Artists art reception on Sunday August 4, 1-4pm was a huge success. I mingled with OSA old timers and talked with an author of World War II books. One hundred and six paintings were on display and three of mine were exhibited amongst the many. It was a treat to converse … Continue reading


Dreams Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder   When I was young, I dreamed that I was a Princess Ballerina doing pirouettes across the dance floor in my pink tutu. I hoped someday to paint a picture of my dream. This is my dream of what I believed to be of me dancing in a pink … Continue reading