My brother Doug’s Anniversary

Doug and Me

Doug and Me

Every year on September 16th, I celebrate my brother’s anniversary. I remember the first year I made an AIDS quilt with a blue and pink background and his name in the shape of a cross. I would go on a sentimental yet passionate walk watching the trees undress their branches into the brilliant colors of autumn, wondering how many people would view my quilt in Washington D.C.  I began to write a letter to my sweet brother who made such a significant difference in my life. The letter began with, “Can’t believe you are gone from me,” and ended in “Thank you so much for helping me keep my sanity.” “I love you so much!” I know I owe it to my brother for helping me obtain my freedom and for supporting me in the love I share with my husband, Joe. I miss his curly locks, big blue eyes, and kind disposition. He was such a talented and gifted man. I know he is in a safe place with his partner now. Together they made a difference.

My brother Doug

My brother Doug

2 thoughts on “My brother Doug’s Anniversary

  1. Sherrie its Josephine from facebook what a lovely tribute to your brother he sounds as if he was a lovely person and you were clearly very close. I love the way that you write by the way it is evocative and beautiful.

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