Posted in February 2018

ABOUT Last celebration

Last Day to Celebrate   Wonderful to be treated to lunch at Seasons and Regions today by my Ladies in Blue friend, Theresa LoMonaco. It was the last great time that I would celebrate my anniversary in the month of February. I am wearing these crystal blue earrings from Theresa and enjoying her Georgia O’Keeffe … Continue reading

ABOUT Wish for Peace

Horrific month to have a birthday in but surviving it with Schizoaffective Disorder   Celebrating the end of my February birthday month with my husband, Joe, my grandgirls, Kayla and Kylie, their father, Todd, and Tammy, my hairdresser. Wishing for peace for everyone, and that we can come to some conclusion in getting guns out … Continue reading


Remembering the life of my mother as my thoughts grow fonder with Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder   Twenty-ninth anniversary of my mom’s death to suicide. Mom did many great things in my life. She was a beautiful woman, and this is one of my favorite photos of her. She took care of me while … Continue reading

ABOUT Tragedy

Heart broken about the loss of childrens lives and faculty members in the state of Florida     We need better gun control. Sending you Hugs from Neve, my cousins’ white Lab, and me.

ABOUT Valentines Day

Vacationing in Seaside to celebrate my birthday   My birthday week ended with watching Shape of Water and I loved it. What a beautiful movie. Afterwards I walked to the turn-around viewpoint in Seaside and enjoyed listening to a man play “Amazing Grace,” on his harmonica. He captivated a flock of seagulls handing them food … Continue reading

ARTWORK Ocean Sunset

Today is my official birthday   Just finished painting my birthday gift today of an ocean and sunset. ‘Sunset on the Ocean’ by Sherry Joiner. Wishing everyone happiness and good health today and places you enjoy like walking along the shore and breathing the salty air as you relax and unwind.  

ABOUT Birthday

Celebrating my early sixty ninth birthday at Portland Seafood Company tonight   Looking back over the last couple of years, I have climbed so many mountains. Lost of few long term relationships because of stigma and judgmental people but I am on top of the world again. What’s important to me is beginning new relationships … Continue reading


Fortunate to have my paintings hung at the Gladstone DMV   These are my six paintings displayed at the Gladstone DMV, Gladstone Oregon. They will be on display from January 30th- April 30th, 2018. Enjoy! Sherry