Posted in October 2015

Halloween Art Pieces

Over the weekend, my husband, Joe, and I carved pumpkins with our friends, Todd and Ken, and our adopted grand girls. Joe, my husband, is shown with Kylie, left, and Kayla, right of me, carving pumpkins. Our masterpieces are displayed in a row. Left to right, Todd’s ‘What cha ma call it’ pumpkin, Ken’s ‘small witch’ … Continue reading

70th Birthday Celebration

Throwing a 70th birthday celebration for my husband, Joe, with my stepdaughter Becky. This is my husband Joe’s graduation picture. He has been my right arm and main stay for over 30 years.  

Speaking at NAMI OR State Conference

Looking forward to giving my Special Lunchtime Presentation: Living A Life With Schizoaffective Disorder-Sherry Goes Sane, at the NAMI Oregon’s Annual Conference in Cottage Grove, Oregon. It’s at the Village Green Resort, November 14th, from Noon- 1pm. Hope to see you there! This is a painting I did in oils. I call it ‘Meditation.’ It … Continue reading

ARTWORK Speaking

Art public speaking interview Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder healing   Healing from a chaos. I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to give an IOOV speech at the University of Portland yesterday, and to give a phone interview, today, on schizoaffective disorder for a college OT presentation, by Jessica Pham MS. Occupational Therapy Candidate … Continue reading

HOME Documentary

AK Learning Documentary Schizoaffective Disorder Photo op with President Barack Obama Thank you President Obama, for traveling to Roseburg, Oregon, to comfort the families of the victims of the mass shooting that took place at Umpqua Community College. The photo below is a photo op I had with President Obama at Intel, February 18, 2011, … Continue reading

Macramé holder for Maracas

Macrame Wheel to hold my ‘Maracas’ in. Do you remember ‘macrame’? I was a seasonal macrame maker. I macramed Santa’s at Christmas time, plant hangers in the spring, and colorful purses for the summer and fall. This is one of my pieces. I was all tied up in knots upon completion. I was wondering why … Continue reading

Oregon Society of Artists Reception

Thank you everyone for coming to visit the OSA Gallery on Sunday for the Teacher and Student Art Show. We so enjoyed seeing you at the reception and we are extemely grateful for your participation. The orchestra delighted in entertaining you for this wonderful event. There is still time to view the gallery. It is … Continue reading

ARTICLES Roseburg Then

I wrote an essay about Roseburg Oregon Roseburg then and now I grew up in the small city of Roseburg. Officially, I moved to Roseburg to its rolling green hills, from Salt Lake City, where I used to float in the Great Salt Lake when I was 10. In my 4th grade, I, and other students, participated in Roseburg’s Centennial where we … Continue reading