Posted in September 2016

ARTWORK Open Minds Art Show

Schizoaffective Disorder diplaying art work in Clackamas NAMI art show   I am an oil painter living with schizoaffective disorder. Throughout the year, I have the opportunity of displaying my paintings in different galleries, cafes, and fundraisers.  Please come and join me and fellow Clackamas NAMI Artists at the Open Minds Art Show in Oregon … Continue reading

KEYNOTE Suicide Prevention

Schizoaffective and Bipolar Disorder September Suicide Prevention Month   My mom had a generous heart and despite her difficulties, she was devoted to her nursing career and painting. She encouraged me to continue painting in the 70’s because she knew it would help my psychosis. I was entangled in the dark webs of life, and … Continue reading

ABOUT Cannon Beach

Schizoaffective and Bipolar Disorder coastal trip visit with my Brazilian Aunt   Took a trip to Cannon Beach with my husband, Joe and my stepdaughter, Becky. We had a splendid time visiting with my sweet Brazilian Aunt Deanna. Deanna will be 93 years old in October. I am so close to my aunt and my … Continue reading

ABOUT Autumn

Effects of Autumn Weather on my Schizoaffective Disorder   It used to be, that every autumn that I experienced, I would go into a depressed mode. Maybe, it was the falling of the leaves, or the dense crisp air affecting my sinuses. It might have been birthday anniversaries to celebrate of relatives now past, or … Continue reading

ABOUT Cadaques Spain

Traveling with Schizoaffective Disorder   On one of my soulful journeys in 1995, I took a hike up this hill to this lighthouse overlooking beautiful Cadaques, Spain by the Mediterranean Sea.


Schizoaffective Disorder my brother Doug death anniversary   Roy Douglas Crawford- November 24, 1958- September 16, 1990. My brother, Doug, has always been near to my heart. We’ve always had each other. When I think of him, I can still feel his breathing as I am cradled in his loving arms. We were the palettes … Continue reading

ABOUT RHS Class of 67 Reunion

Roseburg High Reunion Class of 67 Schizoaffective Disorder Healing   Not only, was the excitement of meeting classmates from years ago at the Roseburg High Class of 67′ Reunion Birthday Party in Roseburg, Oregon, I found myself once again making lasting relationships of a lifetime. Its hard to describe how amazing it felt to talk … Continue reading

ABOUT Sherrys Graduation

My Schizoaffective Disorder occurred when I was a teenager   Here is my high school graduation picture. I had a rough time with life then. There weren’t many outlets and ways to vent my depression and paranoia. No one to protect me from the abuse and stress. Looking back, I don’t see how I made … Continue reading

ABOUT Healing

Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder Healing with Myrna   Even though my cousin Myrna Deirdre Duarte from Brazil, lives a continent away from the United States, where I live, I feel a close connection to her. Her love occupies a place in my heart that reassures me – wherever I am, whatever the pain, or grief, … Continue reading