Posted in March 2015

World Bipolar Day

World Bipolar Day. Sharing with you my Wellness Plan. Please ask me about a slide show of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings. It includes Don McLean singing Starry Night in the background to clips of Van Gogh’s paintings. My art teacher Dorothy, sent to me the video. It was serene, brilliant, and powerful. Let’s continue our support and compassion … Continue reading

Washougal High Band Concert

Last night we went to a band concert at Washougal High in Washington. Our thirteen year old grandson, Jacob was one of the drummers. It was a delight to hear him play. Art is so important to a child’s upbringing, we must educate a child with music. These photos are of my stepdaughter, my grandson, and … Continue reading


Paranoia, Schizoaffective Disorder Meditation Tape   Regarding my article,”Bringing Peace and Happiness to the Psych Ward.”Here, my husband Joe and I are dining at the Taco House, just taking it easy. It seems like the less I think about the past incidences and my insecurities of life, the better off I am. A week prior, … Continue reading

My Dream of Grandeur Illusion

A dream of my Grandeur Illusion. This morning, I had the case of a runaway mind. My burnt out level was high even though I had awaken from a deep sleep. I dreamt of my grandeur illusion. It went like this- I’m in a cold ethereal room with my head pressed up against a metal … Continue reading

Volunteer Outreach

I did some volunteer outreach and gave an In Our Own Voice presentation today to Elder Place, an audience of 200 at the Hollywood Theater in Portland, Oregon,  and had a great time. My painting of Spring.  

My Painting of Geodon

My article “Schizoaffective Disorder” is published in I invite you to take a look. I did this painting of my pill Geodon I did called, The Man in The Moon. Mr. Geodon has done wonders for me and has been with me for quite sometime. I take a low dose of it prescribed by a doctor, … Continue reading

Breaking away to Seaside

Over the weekend, I was able to break away from myself to Seaside to visit my 91 year old Aunt Deanna from Brazil.  She read me a letter that was written in Portuguese, her native language. It’s hard to imagine how she could still read a letter in a language as complicated as Portuguese and still talk with me … Continue reading