Posted in March 2021


Painting by Sherry Joiner. Thanks Sherry for sharing and opening up your heart to so many people  You are a Trailblazer in an unique, powerful, and inspirational way! This might be Women’s History Month but your life is “Experiencing and Living History of Creativity and Over-Coming Obstacles” and “Rising UP” Helen Nolen

Madam Secretary of Interior

What a beautiful embracing time it is for the tribal communities and our Nation to have Representatve Deb Haaland elected for Secretary of Interior. Throughout the years I did portraits of Native Americans and I admire the strengths, beauty and arts of the Native American Indians and their way of life. My father was part … Continue reading

In Gratitude

Thank you so much President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and the Biden Administration for your hard work in creating and passing the Rescue Plan Act. Your love and caring for the America people who have be suffering and struggling through this pandemic is making a difference. Our country is beginning to blossom. Everyone please … Continue reading

North Clackamas Arts Guild

During this pandemic an art organization named North Clackamas Arts Guild that I am a member of has been encouraging its members to paint and to submit their pictures for their Newsletters. We had been through sickness and fires but the leaders never gave up, energized us with email contacts, kind words of caring, giving … Continue reading