Posted in May 2014

Memorial Day 2014

May anyone who has lost a loved one or a family member, find closure this Memorial Day and may their unanswered questions help them to choose a life of abundance acceptance, love, and peace, as they grieve for their loss. Special Thanks to the US Military for sacrificing their lives for our freedom.

Marriage Equality Law in Oregon

I’m so proud of my brother Doug who fought for same sex marriage with his partner in Eugene, Oregon on a television station in 1985. Victory didn’t come soon enough to this precious person. After his friend died of AIDS, my brother ended up passing away in a small cold apartment with an IV stand by his … Continue reading

Northwest NAMI Walk May 18

The Northwest NAMI Walk on Saturday was a huge success. 3,000 walkers and 4,000 participants showed up in Portland to make a statement that no one should be ashamed that they have a mental illness and to make more programs for NAMI available. I was honored to be a part of this wonderful walk. I met … Continue reading

Northwest NAMI Walk

The Northwest NAMI Walk, May 18, 2014, starts at the East bank Esplanade 1 pm. in Portland, Oregon. Join us in making a statement that mental health matters and no one should be ashamed to ask for help. I will be a volunteer at the registration table.

Speaking at Bloomsbury

I am giving my Author Talk at Bloomsbury Books, Ashland, Oregon. It is April 21st and the Director of Josephine County NAMI and Author Mitzi Loftus attend a long with my two good friends Alice Savage and Sue Williams who came from Eugene.  I am answering questions from the audience.