Posted in July 2013


My sister said that the smoke is so bad in Ashland that Mt. Grizzly isn’t visible. The Ashland Tidings said that the air is a health hazard. Time to evacuate.


Do you have placebos in your life? And if so, how have they helped you? A friend once told me what made his clock start ticking was the thought he could cause life to go his way through meditation and the nourishing of his thought processes. He could compensate for the highs and lows by … Continue reading

Art Exhibition

    Three of my paintings will be on display at the Oregon Society of Artists, 2185 SW Park Place, Portland, Oregon,  August 4th- August 29th from 1 pm-4 pm. I will be there August 4th and August 11th, 1 pm-4 pm. The gallery will be closed on Mondays. Please drop by and enjoy the show.  Teachers … Continue reading

My Happiest Moment

Before OFA, Organizing for America, became Organizing for Action, I was a member of Ladies in Blue, a women’s political group that was part of Organizing for America. I was chosen with five ladies to greet the President of the United States when he flew in to Intel, Hillsboro, Oregon, on February 18, 2011. I … Continue reading

Travon Martin

        The divisions based on the colors of our skin are more prominent now. I think we need to move toward better equal rights. We would have a more prosperous economy if we all climbed together as one people.

2013 NAMI Convention: My interview with Jeana Wheeler

Jeana Wheeler, a prominent bipolar advocate and founder/ facilitator of Bipolar Recovery in Portland, Oregon, attended the 2013 “Together We Can Make A Difference” NAMI National Convention at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Antonio, Texas. I interviewed her about her life and what she experienced  at the convention. Jeana was born in Portland, Oregon, … Continue reading

Happy 4th

Freedom — A world of clear thoughts: Being able to love when you want to love, being able to eat what you want to eat, being able to walk where you want to walk, be able to read what you want to read and being able to speak what you want to speak. The Fourth … Continue reading


My “feelings” poem. You can never rebuild my feelings Mend them that is true, But never like an architect with a tool to make a skyscraper reach tall in the dark. Cause I’ve committed myself to go about life with a certain celestial spark. And it is in me that makes me rise without falling … Continue reading