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Fair Ribbon

Still Life Pitcher and Lemons by Sherry Joiner   Received a Second Place Ribbon and an Award for my Still Life painting at the Clackamas County Fair. I am so happy.  


Best of show and two first place ribbons at the multnomah county fair   Received a Best of Show  and First Place Ribbon for my Hispanic girl painting I called, ‘Grateful for the First Responders’ and a First Place Ribbon for my ocean scene I named, ‘From Sea to Shining Sea.’ Judging of the artwork … Continue reading

ARTWORK First Place

Dancing on the ceiling   Took home a First Place Blue Ribbon for my ocean scene- ‘Sunset Reflections on the Ocean’  from the North Clackamas Arts Guild Juried Show, King of Kings Lutheran Church, Milwaukie, Oregon, Saturday and am tickled pink with happiness.

Sherry’s Events Art Show

I’m so excited to be exhibiting in this north clackamas arts guild juried show   The art show opens at 10 AM- 5PM  September 29th, 2018, at the King of Kings Lutheran Church, Milwaukie, Oregon. Please come by and enjoy yourselves.  

ARTWORK People’s Choice

More results from my entry at the Multnomah County Fair   Overwhelmed with happiness. Yesterday, I had the honor to receive a People’s Choice Award for my painting of the Indian Chief, Chief Standing, from the President of the Art Board Committee at the Multnomah County Fair. He said that the viewers voted on it … Continue reading

ARTWORK Fair Ribbons

The joy of exhibiting at the fair   Jumping up and down for joy. Last night, I received an Honorable Mention Ribbon for my painting of an Indian Chief, a Second Place Ribbon for my painting of “Rose,” and a Third Place Ribbon for my painting of the “Ocean” at the Multnomah County Fair. A … Continue reading

Spring Contest Ribbon

Entered a painting contest today feeling good with Schizoaffective Bipolar Disorder   Received a Third Place Ribbon today for my painting ‘Rose,’ from Pam Davis, North Clackamas Arts Guild at the Guild’s Spring Art competition. I am thrilled to have such great recognition for my painting of little Rose.    

ARTWORK Juried March Show

Oregon Society of Artists Juried Show March eleven through March twenty eighth two thousand eighteen   Having my paintings ‘Light at the End of the Tunnel’ and ‘Chief Standing’ hung at the OSA Juried Show was a wonderful experience for me, one that I will always remember.

ARTWORK Juryied Show Ribbon

  Receiving a ribbon for my ocean painting living with Schizoaffective Disorder   Yesterday, I was jumping up and down. The painting I did of the Ocean, I call ‘Healing and Moving On’ received a 2nd Place Ribbon at the North Clackamas Arts Guild Juryied Show. I am so elated that I wanted to share … Continue reading

A Gift From Africa

A beautiful surprise I received in the mail yesterday. A Pay it Forward gift from Judy Fardig. It is an apron made in Africa in honor of President Obama. I will cherish it forever. Thank you, Judy!