Posted in December 2014

Happy New Year

Have a Happy New Year to everyone and to all my family in Brazil, Feliz Ano Novo! My New Year’s Resolution is- I will be as joyful as a summer’s bird, will show kindness to everyone and everything around me and will keep a positive attitude as long as my days last on this beautiful … Continue reading

My Holiday Card- ‘White Christmas’

My holiday card for you. Happy Holidays everyone! May your days be Merry, Peaceful, and Bright. The story behind the card- My painting, ‘White Christmas,’ was sold at the NAMI Lane County Holiday Dinner Auction, December 2. I painted the picture to lift Holiday spirits. I find that celebrating anniversaries and being in a commercialized … Continue reading

Happy Holidays Dr. Smith

Dr. Ward T. Smith from Summit Research has be been my psychiatrist for over 20 years. He is a strong support and one of the reasons why I have been as stable as I have with the disease of schizoaffective disorder. He is one doctor who has walked the mile in my shoes. I hope you have a … Continue reading

Winner of Sherry Goes Sane Contest

Here is a photo of Sherry Marasse, winner of my Sherry Goes Sane Reader Contest. She hung the prize, my painting of ‘Brilliant Flowers Opening Up to the Sun,’ in her counseling office at the Tyler Center.

The Holiday Season- The unreal world

I paint my unreal world. During the holidays, one may deal with stress, personal grief, economic concerns, and illnesses of all kinds. People with schizo-affective disorder and mental health disorders may tend to distort reality at these times. It can cause a change in their perception of reality. Trapped by the hustle and bustle of the holidays, they find ways to channel their energy … Continue reading

The Standing Family- Happy Holidays

To everyone and to those who saw me speak at the NAMI Lane County holiday dinner Tuesday night.   This picture is taken 53 years ago. My sister, Diana (left), my brother Doug (middle), and me (right). Happy Holidays.

KEYNOTE Speaking

Tools Keynote Speaker Schizoaffective   Tuesday, I became a headline keynote speaker at the NAMI Lane County holiday dinner and had the wonderful opportunity to speak to an audience that was uplifting, motivational, and positive. It was so nice to meet such great and genuine people. I am the author of Sherry Goes Sane, and a … Continue reading