Posted in November 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

For Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for this beautiful world and the people in it: my husband, Joe, and his children, my mentor Julie, webmasters Jeana and Vicki, a new friend Jean. To my family, doctors, friends, and acquaintances.For the achievements we have made together, the issues resolved, and the steps we have made in relating to … Continue reading


    Where was I when John F. Kennedy got killed? I was sitting in a music class at John C. Freemont Junior High. I was a teenager with strong feeling towards our country and fellow classmates. I heard over the school’s intercom that our President John F. Kennedy was shot and died. I got … Continue reading


Schizoaffective Disorder Bipolar Disorder Mental Illness in General Stigma   Steps to healing. Several years ago, I made a diagram of the total me: what my views were towards life and how I fit into this gigantic world revolving around me. It’s rewarding to see how far I have traveled and how far I still … Continue reading

Thoughts and Dreams

    I paint my dream. As I enjoy the fall air and the beautiful leaves touch the ground, thoughts come to me — Dream a life of happiness and kindness will fulfill your dreams.

Halloween Week

  During Halloween week I went to my sister’s in Ashland. I danced to the video Gangnam Style by Psy with my little great niece and nephew and my sister’s family. The weather was gorgeous for a Halloween Parade which took place annually in the streets of downtown Ashland. Mitzi Loftus, an author of Made in Japan and … Continue reading