Posted in June 2013

The Heat Wave

        If everyone seems cranked up today, it isn’t stigma. So relax and let the day pass, it isn’t a reflection on you. Everyone is in a short mood because of the heat wave.

Nelson Mandela

Mandela, a man I never knew. I picked up the newspaper and read, “Nelson Mandela is in critical condition.” I was filled with grief for a man I did not know but heard so many stories about. The icon of South Africa. A father of wisdom for his great country. How he served and survived … Continue reading

Acting out with Schizo-Affective Disorder

Not long ago I became a preschool teacher to fifty of the most beautiful, caring, and humorous bunch of preschoolers. I directed plays and skits with a combination of personalities that displayed high energy from the word “go.”  Under my direction, the dramatic performances enabled us to express our emotions and to act out. To … Continue reading

Coping With Stress before the Holiday

I was given the opportunity to be with my aunt who is nearing 90, this weekend. Making 4th of July hats was one activity I had planned. I brought head bands which I had cut out from thick watercolor paper with an extended star from the middle of the band. From working at Preschool, years … Continue reading

Bonding with my Preschool Class

As a preschool teacher, I went to seminars and found techniques to bond with the children in the classroom. I remember attending a presentation by a teacher at a day care for positive discipline. I made a welcome apron suggested by her with large white letters spelling W E L C O M E attached … Continue reading


He is the handsome intelligent man that I love, He honored his visitation rights with his kids and provided them with food and shelter. When other men would move away and shirk the responsibility of raising their kids as teenagers, he stayed and toughed it out without raising a fist. He studied mechanics and fixed … Continue reading