Posted in July 2016

SHERRY GOES SANE Schizoaffective

My name is Sherry Joiner and I wrote Sherry Goes Sane Living A Life With Schizo Affective Disorder book signing at WilWrite table   I’m delighted to let you know that I will be signing books at the Northwest Book Festival on Pioneer Square Courthouse at the @WilWrite table today, July 30th. Thank you so much … Continue reading

KBOO Community Radio Interview

So happy to be helpful to the field of mental health with my book, Sherry Goes Sane. Here is an interview I had last year with KBOO Community Radio for the Disability Awareness program by Grace Reed. Please click on the podcast and listen in. Disability Awareness on 07/27/15 Program: Disability Awareness Air date: Mon, … Continue reading

Signing at Pioneer Square

I’m so delighted to say, that I will be signing books at the Northwest Book Festival on Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland, Ore. on the 30th, 12:30-2:30 pm. My book signing will take place at the @WilWrite table. Please come by and enjoy yourselves. Photo is of me and my book, Sherry Goes Sane.

‘My Higher Power’

‘My Higher Power.’ Painting I did of my Higher Power by Sherry Joiner. For me, it’s never too late to walk down the street and witness the beautiful blooming of the flowers and the leaves on the trees, and to get in touch with my ‘Higher Power.’ I can’t ignore something is out there, call … Continue reading

‘We are One-Brothers and Sisters’

‘We are One-Brothers and Sisters’ A painting by Sherry Joiner. Over the last few weeks, I have been following the news and wondering what statement I could make, that would help people understand my feelings and understand their own feelings about the world in a composition I painted. Here, is the oil painting I did … Continue reading

Nice, France

My heart breaks for the people of Nice, France, who have lost their lives, and who have lost their family and loved ones. My prayers for those who are in critical condition also. May you have peace, love, and healing in the days ahead.  

Me at Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach. When I was a hippie in the 70’s, I hitchhiked to Huntington Beach California from Ashland, Oregon, about a thousand miles away by myself. I had what made me sparkle, and it would follow me wherever I went. Yet, there was no one to give me medical treatment or to sit by side … Continue reading

Mental Health First Aid Certificate

Completed my Mental Health First Aid Training Course. This is my instructor Pam Dunham, right, and me left. I was awarded this Mental Health First Aid USA certificate because I was trained to provide initial help to people experiencing mental health problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis and substance use disorders. The training took … Continue reading

ABOUT Preschoolers

Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder July Fourth Adopted Children   A photo of my adopted grandchild, Kayla, and me at Oaks Amusement Park celebrating her 7th birthday, this 4th of July weekend. The other photo is Kylie, (5),left, and Kayla, right, at Oaks Park the same day. They are sisters- two years apart- like my … Continue reading