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ARTWORK Sea Turtles

Living with schizoaffective bipolar disorder type and ptsd during this crisis sometimes I wish I was a sea turtle swimming on the ocean floor   Sea Turtles by Sherry M Joiner

New Year

Happy New Year   I hope that you and yours had a very Merry Christmas and are enjoying the New Year. My New Year’s resolution is to- teach mind to be kinder to my myself, to speak up when something is bothering me, to take care of my biggest challenges first by going on long … Continue reading

ARTWORK What if?

What would it be like to walk in an immigrant’s shoes   Painting- Latina Bride by Sherry M. Joiner. My paintbrush blossomed today capturing the essence of the wedding picture upon my easel before me. I love doing portraits, as they help me pass the time while I am restricted to a surgical boot, I … Continue reading


Coloring with pastels was one of the ways I dealt with stress during the holiday   Larry Miller, a friend and classmate, gave me two sets of pastels to explore with two summers ago. I vaguely remember coloring with pastels when I was in grade school and since I was released from Kishwaukee Hospital in … Continue reading

Me at Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach. When I was a hippie in the 70’s, I hitchhiked to Huntington Beach California from Ashland, Oregon, about a thousand miles away by myself. I had what made me sparkle, and it would follow me wherever I went. Yet, there was no one to give me medical treatment or to sit by side … Continue reading

Macramé holder for Maracas

Macrame Wheel to hold my ‘Maracas’ in. Do you remember ‘macrame’? I was a seasonal macrame maker. I macramed Santa’s at Christmas time, plant hangers in the spring, and colorful purses for the summer and fall. This is one of my pieces. I was all tied up in knots upon completion. I was wondering why … Continue reading

Oregon Society of Artists Reception

Thank you everyone for coming to visit the OSA Gallery on Sunday for the Teacher and Student Art Show. We so enjoyed seeing you at the reception and we are extemely grateful for your participation. The orchestra delighted in entertaining you for this wonderful event. There is still time to view the gallery. It is … Continue reading

KEYNOTE Suffering a Loss

Keynote to NAMI Lane County about schizoaffective and bipolar disorder psychosis and grief   Today, I said “GoodBye,” to my friend, Amy Meyers, marketing consultant in Portland, Oregon. Amy is moving 109 miles away. Losing one of your best friends, like Amy, and all the precious moments you spent together: walks through Crystal Springs Rhododendron … Continue reading

Exploring A New World

I’m exploring a new world as I create a Tiny Hands On Book for my Great Granddaughter Phoebe. I am developing quite the sense of humor as I think of how to sew new pages for her book. I made a Peek A Boo page, where I took a mirror and sewed it down with my … Continue reading