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ABOUT Climate Change

Sending hope prayers to all of my family and friends in Ashland Medford Eugene California Northwest Oregon and Washington   To those that I hold dear to my heart and are in danger. The fire and wind season is frightful. I hope that my loved ones have a safe plan to get out when they … Continue reading

ABOUT Healing Blessings

Faith and dealing with devastation living with Schizoaffective Disorder   Sending hopes for rain, good vibs, energy, joy and love to my sister and her family in Ashland, who are experiencing the fires and smoke from all five sides and to the peoples whose lives and families that have been devastated in the fires this … Continue reading

ABOUT Tulip Prayers

Health and Healing for Easter living with Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder   Growing tulips in my front yard for dear sweet little Kayla, my granddaughter, who came down with Cellulitis and for my loving husband, Joe, who is a diabetic, and had a painful bout with his teeth this week. These tulips were bright … Continue reading

Easter and Beyond

Easter lesson living with Schizoaffective Disorder   Easter Day, some time ago with my sister’s daughter in law,Heidi, my sister Diana, and me- So dear to my heart is the warmth, magic, and power of Easter. Because of the Easter Holiday, I am being taught through my infirmity, how to go about my days and … Continue reading

Birthday Expressions

Faith and joy involved with a birthday stretch living with schizoaffective disorder   Still celebrating my birthday that happened on February 8th. Met Todd Werner and his daughters at Home Town Buffet Sunday and was treated to a birthday brunch and a book of faith, received a family photo and card from my stepddaughter, Cathy Jacobs, yesterday, … Continue reading


Faith playing a part in my life with schizoaffective bipolar disorder in Sherry Goes Sane   My Aunt who was a head nun in Brazil and my mom’s sister, Aunt Beatris. Holy Order of the Sacred Heart. I wrote about her in my book Sherry Goes Sane. She held a play for us called Little … Continue reading

ABOUT My Epidural

Schizoaffective Disorder having an epidural steroid injection for my herniated disc tomorrow morning.   Please send healing thoughts and ‘fairy dust.’ I would be grateful if you refer to the items on my website while I am away. Thank you so much

‘My Higher Power’

‘My Higher Power.’ Painting I did of my Higher Power by Sherry Joiner. For me, it’s never too late to walk down the street and witness the beautiful blooming of the flowers and the leaves on the trees, and to get in touch with my ‘Higher Power.’ I can’t ignore something is out there, call … Continue reading

‘Stellar’s Jay’

In the plant and bird kingdom of our fair weathered-feathered friends, we see instinct and adaptation, unfolding in beauty and harmony. Within the human kingdom we also see adaptation and intuition. The unfolding lifts us up and takes us on to the right direction. In the wee hours of the morning where I pitched my … Continue reading