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ABOUT Anniversary Luck

A Double Rainbow for me and my man   Joe and I celebrated our 29th, 41st anniversary the other night at Portland Seafood Company and were accompanied by a beautiful glowing double rainbow in the sky. This means “Good Luck!”


Experiencing the Miracle of Double Rainbows living with Schizoaffective Disorder   I do believe in the miracle of the double rainbows, especially the one I saw Friday night after showing my art at the Key Bank for First Friday in Milwaukie, the theme was May is Mental Health Month. Today I sold this painting I … Continue reading

Getting dressed for the Olympics

Because I have Brazilian Ancestry, I thought I would get ready for the Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil. Gifts have arrived today from my cousin, Henry Anthony Tony Stratton who went to Brazil recently, and from my cousins Myrna Deirdre Duarte and Jane Duarte, who live in Joao Pessoa Brazil. The necklaces and earrings are muito colorful e … Continue reading

Healing- ‘A Flare of Remembrance’

Painting Healing- ‘ A Flare of Remembrance.’ The photo is of me beside this healing rose that I oil painted. I called it ‘A Flare of Remembrance.’ It was once on exhibition at the Oregon Society of Artists in Portland, Oregon, and the painting brought me good luck. I hung in NAMI Multnomah’s office for … Continue reading

Zeus- Sky and Thunder Greek God

Once my friend, Mitzi Asai Loftus, who is the author of the books Made in Japan and Settled in Oregon and From Here to Everywhere, sent me this picture. I attached it to my wall and sleep in comfort as he watches over me at night. She asked ” Do you know how old he … Continue reading

Improving the Quality of Life

Schizo-affective Disorder: If things are going disarray, try to jot down reasons why life isn’t working for you. I find being honest with myself and asking myself what really works for me is helpful. You can make a plan for your life involving the people you are with, asking them for their help when you … Continue reading


Do you have placebos in your life? And if so, how have they helped you? A friend once told me what made his clock start ticking was the thought he could cause life to go his way through meditation and the nourishing of his thought processes. He could compensate for the highs and lows by … Continue reading