Posted in January 2021


Two pictures of my portraits Stacey Abrams and Nancy Pelosi are published in the North Clackamas Arts Guild Newsletter. Women of extreme strength and courage, standing for truth, equality, justice, and protection. I am so happy. Here are the portraits I did in oil by Sherry M. Joiner


When my character has been questioned, I sometimes hold the image of a Calla Lily in my mind. The innocence and dignity of the flower. Once I painted a picture of Calla Lilies for my Brazilian Aunt Deanna and her husband Doc, for their 50th anniversary. They symbolized honesty, strength, and courage. I send that … Continue reading


Congratulations President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. It was a perfect day. ‘By the Dawn’s Early Light’ Painting by Sherry M. Joiner