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Book Reading from Sherry Goes Sane   Last night, I was invited by NAMI Clackamas to give a reading from my book, Sherry Goes Sane, at the ‘Poetry Slam,’ Ant Farm Cafe in Sandy, Oregon. There were amazing stories and poems delivered by lyricists, singers, and musicians. I was so happy to be in a … Continue reading

ARTWORK First Friday in Sandy

‘Father Time’ by Sherry Joiner     Please come and join us at the Ant Farm Cafe and Bakery, 39140 Proctor Blvd. Sandy, Oregon 97055, for First Friday in Sandy 5 PM- I will be showing four of my paintings along with ‘Father Time,’ and my Sherry Goes Sane books. During the month of October, … Continue reading

ABOUT Father’s Day

My husband, my friend   Joe, who ran a printing press the majority of his life, and who was afflicted with diabetes in 1987,  is my mainstay of 39 years.  He has been through one of my hospitalizations and took care of me through my bout of psychosis and other physical ailments. Joe has been emotionally strong for me upon the … Continue reading

My Painting of Geodon

My article “Schizoaffective Disorder” is published in CNSupdates.com. I invite you to take a look. I did this painting of my pill Geodon I did called, The Man in The Moon. Mr. Geodon has done wonders for me and has been with me for quite sometime. I take a low dose of it prescribed by a doctor, … Continue reading

Double Life

My sister, Diana, had a great singing voice and sang with a group of girls (4 of them) called the Universal Sisters. They were African American, white, Chinese, and one who had Brazilian ancestry (my sister) . They won a contest and had the opportunity to sing for the mayor of Salt Lake City when … Continue reading

HOME Sherrys Events

Schizoaffective experiences recorded Oregon State Hospital Doctor Mickey Stellavato I’m going to the Oregon State Hospital Museum. “Maybe I’m Crazy (lyrics from “Crazy,” by Gnarls Barkley) and “All She Wants To Do Is Dance,” by Don Henley, are playing on the radio. That means they know I am coming since I was out of my … Continue reading

Interview at OSH Museum

I have the special opportunity to be interviewed by Dr. Mickey Stellavato for a story about my experiences at the Oregon State Hospital, on Sept. 25th. The interview will be held at the Oregon State Hospital Museum at 2 pm. Here is an excerpt about Salem from my book Sherry Goes Sane: Salem! I’m in Salem. … Continue reading

The Death of Robin Williams

There was a point in my life when I was not connected to my environment and I felt society needed a complete overhaul. It was the 70’s and I hitchhiked from Oregon to California. “Shaft” “Ventura Highway” and “Slippin’ into Darkness” were playing on the radio. Each song illustrated the piecing together of my experiences … Continue reading

My Half Sister Shauna and Me 2004

  My dear friend and half sister, Shauna (on my dad’s side). a former high school cheerleader and teacher, lost her mom Wednesday night, June 25. I met her mom once in California and kept track of Shauna’s health reports of her throughout the years. She was a very giving sweet lady and nearing 90 when … Continue reading