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ABOUT Spring Swim

Making the most of a rainy day, Sunday with Schizoaffective Disorder   Yesterday, my husband, Joe and I, took a dip in the Mt. Scott swimming pool with our granddaughters, Kayla and Kylie. We had the time of our lives.

ARTWORK Spring Irises

Feeling good with Schizoaffective Disorder as Spring arrives   Happy Spring everyone. May you have much happiness and many great miracles coming your way. Painting by Sherry Joiner

ARTWORK Paintings for Sale

Thank you everyone for coming in to view my art work and for the wonderful compliments on my art display. If anyone is interested in purchasing a painting that I have on display at the US Bank, 16th and Weilder, Portland, Oregon, please contact me at my website- My paintings will be exhibited until … Continue reading

ABOUT Art Display

Bipolar Disorder Schizoaffective art work success   Yesterday, my husband and I put up my art work at the US Bank, 16th and Weilder in Portland, Oregon. My paintings will be on display until April 13, 2017. This is one of my displays of art work at the bank. If you have a chance, please … Continue reading

Photos of Event

Living with Schizoaffective Disorder photo view taken at expert presentation   More photos of my Expert Speech at Portland Providence Glisan Hospital on February 22, 2017. The painting in the first photo is an illustration of what I felt like at times, living with Schizoaffective Disorder in my 20’s (‘wide- eyed, seductive, and innocent’), and … Continue reading

ABOUT Familia de Plaid

Having a sense of humor living with Schizoaffective Disorder   Thank you, Cousin Anthony Stratton and thank you Cousin Mickey Stratton for putting our family up when we came to visit in Seaside. I don’t know how this happened, we didn’t plan it, but everyone in our family is wearing plaid except me. Does anyone … Continue reading

ABOUT Bank Art Exhibit

My art exhibit at the US Bank in March living with schizoaffective disorder   I’ve got something to be jubilant about! I have been chosen to exhibit my paintings at the US Bank, 16th and Weilder, Portland, Oregon 97232, March 13-April 13, 2017. Please feel free to stop by the Bank for a visit and … Continue reading

Birthday Expressions

Faith and joy involved with a birthday stretch living with schizoaffective disorder   Still celebrating my birthday that happened on February 8th. Met Todd Werner¬†and his daughters at Home Town Buffet Sunday and was treated to a birthday brunch and a book of faith, received a family photo and card from my stepddaughter, Cathy Jacobs,¬†yesterday, … Continue reading

Sherrys Events Expert Talk

Success in giving my Expert Speech with Schizoaffective Disorder   Thank you, everyone for coming to my presentation- Sherry Goes Sane, Everything You Wanted To Know About Schizoaffective Disorder in the Portland Providence Glisan Social Room. Throughout my presentation, I displayed several of my paintings to illustrate my experiences living with Schizoaffective Disorder. I felt … Continue reading

KEYNOTE Moms Suicide

Grieving with Schizoaffective Disorder for my mother   I am tackling the emptiness and the loss of my Brazilian mother who left by way of suicide Feb. 24th, 28 years ago. Even though at times, I feel drained thinking about her, my ties with my family and friends have never been closer. Life matters however, … Continue reading