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Making voting elections possible and to continue the work of our dedicated citizens who sacrificed their lives for freedom, the right to vote, to live in equality, fairness, and prosper in a healing, safe, society and environment. In honor of Congressman John Lewis and Martin Luther King Jr. Men of great strength, courage and compassion. … Continue reading


I stand for Freedom, Equality, Peace, Liberty, DEMOCRACY. Portrait of a conscientious voter,

Holiday Wishes for All

Wishing you time to start all over again and be brand new. Wishing you the fullness of life to contact and communicate with your family, friends, loved ones, at home and abroad at Christmas and always. Wishing you a chance to touch the sky, share the breeze, be with nature and the beautiful earth again, … Continue reading

The Judgment

I hope that the decision of women’s emotional, physical, mental well-beings and freedoms are considered and led by logic, common sense, compassion and empathy and not by impulse and manipulation. Today is an important day throughout Oregon and the country.


Had a very nice compliment about my art work. Rita Townley from North Clackamas Arts Guild asked me to exhibit 16 of my paintings at the Oak Lodge Water District Services next week. I am so happy, that I am dancing on the ceiling.

The Last Farewell

The Last Farewell, Painting by Sherry M. Joiner May we share the pleasures of each day and night and sail through the sunsets and seasons of our dreams together, enjoying all that life brings to us, Loving once again. Happy Labor Day.