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I’m with you Stacey Abrams, let’s win the Georgia Senate. Portrait of Stacey Abrams by Sherry M. Joiner

ABOUT Magic Mug

My Grand girls gave me a Bob Ross mug for Christmas. It is magical. The face of Bob Ross lights up while you pour your hot chocolate into the mug. On the back of the mug it says, “We no longer make mistakes, we just have happy accidents. I will remember that while I am … Continue reading

HOME Obama’s Book

My husband gave me President Obama’s book A Promise Land for Christmas. I am so happy. I lit up like bubble lights strung up on a Christmas tree like when I was young. Years ago. I love President Obama’s writing. I’m playing the role of the President with him steering the limousine in the driver’s … Continue reading


Just completed my oil painting called ‘Book of Equality and Law’ by Sherry M. Joiner. I painted about what was meant so personal and dear to me. The truth matters and everyone deserves their life. In my portraits of John Lewis and Justice Ginsburg, I remember their stories and purpose. Their strive to bring love, … Continue reading


Beginning a new chapter of my life with renewed emotions, freedom with what I believe in, and the releasing the demands on myself, my family, friends, the government and the races made by a dark cloud hanging over us in this regime. My expectations were high yesterday as they were met by the Victory of … Continue reading

ARTWORK Together

Painting called “Facing and Overcoming Adversity Together,” by Sherry M. Joiner. Lets make the most of these times and vote.