Posted in May 2013

Capture Your Memories

When I was having trouble with mom’s suicide in my 40s I dealt with my insecurities by sewing. I began with stitchery kits of flowers, sunsets, and Indian scenes. Mom loved to grow sunflowers in the Green District, a tiny suburb of Roseburg, Oregon. She gazed at the peach colored sunset and rocked back and … Continue reading

Memorial Day

      The good positive images and thoughts of our troops and loved ones will always live on in our hearts. Their flame will continue on whether grieving be for a long time or short while. Their suffering, sacrifice, and courage has made a difference in the way we perceive the world.  My love and compassion go out to … Continue reading

Oaks Park

Enjoyed the “Zoom” (roller coaster ride) and Merry-Go-Round with my adopted grandchildren Kayla and Kylie at Oaks Park today. Todd, who is the father of the children and my husband’s and my friend, spun into orbit on the seat of the “Spider” (an octopus ride) while Kylie and Kayla cupped their heads beneath his armpit … Continue reading


Schizoaffective Disorder Bipolar Disorder Public Speaking   My first “public speaking” experience was in English Class, my junior year in High School. It was one of my finest moments, but I was critical of myself. I gave a presentation on The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams with another classmate. While I delivered it I could … Continue reading


As the climate destroys the earth it changes our attitudes towards life. At times like this, seeing communities come together over the devastation made by a tornado makes me appreciate the real value of being here.  We can never be sure what is in store for us. Being able to walk the planet is a gift. Our food, water, shelter, transportation, and special moments are valuable.  We … Continue reading


It was overcast for the NAMI Walk, a walk for the mind, today. The clouds concentrated on holding the Spring showers tight in the sky. There were loaves of bread being passed out with bottled water at the Eastbank Esplanade in Portland and what seemed like pop western or reggae music being played on a … Continue reading


      Enjoyed the cast of the movie Renoir the other day. I witnessed the tapestry of color  and light coming to focus as Renoir painted beauty from his models. Since I had been studying Renoir’s techniques of impressionism, I was touched by his fine brush stokes and drive to paint under such adversity.

A Gay Man’s Life

As I sit a gallery in Portland, Oregon, where my paintings hang with other artists, I’m looking at a photo. That’s me in the denim jeans and white laced blouse with my brother’s arm around my shoulder. He has a dusky Afro and a wide Portuguese smile. A happy picture. I remember stroking his soft … Continue reading