Posted in March 2018

ARTWORK Juried March Show

Oregon Society of Artists Juried Show March eleven through March twenty eighth two thousand eighteen   Having my paintings ‘Light at the End of the Tunnel’ and ‘Chief Standing’ hung at the OSA Juried Show was a wonderful experience for me, one that I will always remember.

ABOUT March for Lives

Marching for a cause   Because of a knee injury, I will not be marching for gun control tomorrow, but I do want you to know, I solely believe in the cause and hope for your safety, security, and peace and everything you set out to accomplish.

ABOUT St. Patrick’s Day

Top O The Morning To You   My thought for this St. Patrick’s Day is- ‘Never Underestimate the Power of Thinking.’ Strive to be great, humble, and fearless in the eyes of others. This photo was taken forty-seven years ago when I lived at Huntington Beach, California, growing my blonde-hairdo from the roots of my … Continue reading

KEYNOTE Healing Moments

My dolly dog Dinky had a magical power over me living with Bipolar Disorder and Schizoaffective Disorder   He was my loving friend. A sweet cocker-spaniel with strawberry blonde fur. I don’t think I could have made it in life without him. He fixed my ego when I was suffering from rejection, and abandonment and … Continue reading

ARTWORK Juried Show

Daylight Savings Time is a strange blessing in disguise   Even though my pill schedule was set ahead an hour today, I was taken all in by a unique and special gift that was given to me. Two days ago, I submitted my two paintings- Chief Standing and Light at the End of the Tunnel- … Continue reading

ABOUT Intl Womens Day

Happy Womens International Day   I hope that every woman- grandmother, mother, daughter, individual, and human being experienced a healthy, happy, and safe, Women’s International Day yesterday! A day of freedom from abuse, discrimination and inequality, a day of fairness for a right to choose, fairness for voting and reasonable gun laws, equal pay, and … Continue reading

ARTWORK Reflecting on Life

Feeling fortunate for the people who admire my portraits and artwork as I paint with Schizoaffective Disorder   Today, a woman pulled me aside and said, “I have been following your portraits for a long time. I feel so thrilled to have that type of validation for my artwork, as I often wonder how the … Continue reading