Posted in August 2018

ABOUT Two Icons

A painful two weeks dealing with the deaths of two people I admire love and cherish Missing Aretha Franklin, a beautiful soul and a great artist, and Senator John McCain, a dedicated patriot and a beautiful light.  Both icons with very good kind hearts. May the angels in heaven watch over them.

ABOUT Aretha Franklin

Words cannot express what a shock Aretha Franklin’s death came to me   She was an incredibly beautiful and talented woman, artist, and icon and could lift me out of depression with her dynamic voice. I will miss her. Painting Red Summer Rose by Sherry M. Joiner

ARTWORK What if?

What would it be like to walk in an immigrant’s shoes   Painting- Latina Bride by Sherry M. Joiner. My paintbrush blossomed today capturing the essence of the wedding picture upon my easel before me. I love doing portraits, as they help me pass the time while I am restricted to a surgical boot, I … Continue reading

ABOUT Fun Activity

Reminiscing on my life as a Preschool teacher   Still learning the ABC’s of politics and how to walk better again. I am recuperating from a stumble and letting good health and harmony flow naturally into my life. Yesterday my husband and I put up my fifteen paintings at the Water Bureau. I had wonderful … Continue reading