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KEYNOTE Moms Suicide

Grieving with Schizoaffective Disorder for my mother   I am tackling the emptiness and the loss of my Brazilian mother who left by way of suicide Feb. 24th, 28 years ago. Even though at times, I feel drained thinking about her, my ties with my family and friends have never been closer. Life matters however, … Continue reading

ABOUT The Good Times

Reminiscing about good times spent with Vice President Biden as I live with schizoaffective disorder   I went to a Rally where Vice President Biden was speaking. I ask him for a picture. He took one with me and my friend, Leanne. I miss Vice President Biden.  It was a time of my life where … Continue reading


Walking through the pictures of my youth and reminiscing with schizoaffective disorder   Bringing in the Sunshine with the Age of Aquarius. Photo of me when I was a young and carefree.


Having a productive day with Schizoaffective Disorder this winter going through my photo album   Found this treasure- my baby picture.


Schizoaffective Disorder Out of the Psych Ward Learning to Love     My sister, Diana, left, my brother, Doug, middle, me on the right. Several months after being released from my last hospitalization at Kishwaukie Hospital in DeKalb, Illinois, my sister, brother, and I celebrated Doug’s high school graduation from Roseburg High in Roseburg, Oregon. … Continue reading

Me at Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach. When I was a hippie in the 70’s, I hitchhiked to Huntington Beach California from Ashland, Oregon, about a thousand miles away by myself. I had what made me sparkle, and it would follow me wherever I went. Yet, there was no one to give me medical treatment or to sit by side … Continue reading

Father’s Day 2016

Celebrating Father’s Day, this Sunday with the man I love and his daughter, Becky. The best part of my life is having an emotional support of 40 years with my husband, Joe. This photo is Joe when he was a Junior  at Orange High School in 1962.

“Big Eyes”

When I was 16, a young teenager, I was going through a tough patch. My mom, sister, brother, and I had just moved into the Green District (a suburb of Roseburg, Oregon), and my sister and I were assigned to one Queen sized bed in a small bedroom where two Margaret Keane’s paintings hung from … Continue reading

Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day is a sad, but joyful, loving holiday. It’s sad because so many service men in this country perished to save our lives. Its a joyful because we received their massive love that we might live. As I reflect on this holiday, I’d like to give my family a big endorsement. To Becky, my stepdaughter … Continue reading