Posted in February 2015

My best moments at The Oscars

What was your most favorite moment at the Oscars? I was so grateful for Patricia Arquette who accepted the award for best supporting actress for “Boyhood.” Her speech about equal pay for women was a touching moment for women everywhere and for everyone. I was also deeply moved at John Legend’s and Common’s performance of “Glory” from the movie … Continue reading

Double Life

My sister, Diana, had a great singing voice and sang with a group of girls (4 of them) called the Universal Sisters. They were African American, white, Chinese, and one who had Brazilian ancestry (my sister) . They won a contest and had the opportunity to sing for the mayor of Salt Lake City when … Continue reading


The picture, is taken several years ago, but significant. It was taken of me when Oregon’s Governor John Kitzhaber was being sworn in. While I was at the State Capitol Building for NAMI’s Mental Health Lobby Day in Salem today, news was circulating about Governor Kitzhaber’s resignation. I’ve yet to hear the results. I and a few … Continue reading

‘Healing and Moving On’

Over my birthday weekend, I finished my oil painting “Healing and Moving On.” 20×26. I want to share it with you. At sixty-six years old that is just what I’m doing, healing and moving on. I wish to thank everyone in the US and my family in Brazil for the kind sweet birthday greetings that you sent my … Continue reading

My Review of ‘Resilience’

Over the weekend, I finished reading Resilience: Two Sisters And a Story Of Mental Illness by Jessie Close with Pete Earley. The story delivered a powerful message for those who face a life long struggle with reality, addiction, and Bipolar Disorder. I have a deep appreciation for Jessie’s story. Her struggle has been doubly difficult … Continue reading

A Book I Made in My Youth

Before my teens, I learned how to write at Rose School, Roseburg, Oregon. Since February 2nd was close to my birthday, I made a book called Ground Hog’s Day. I illustrated a figure that looked much like a beaver and as the pages unfolded, I captured the likeness of the mayor of the town and the … Continue reading

Participating at the OSA Exhibit

I had the wonderful experience of exhibiting my artwork at the Oregon Society of Artitsts. Theresa LoMonaco, I, and the “Old Master” and “Amy,” my paintings, are in these photos. The art show began January 11, with a reception and ended January 30th. I met a long term worker named Bill and his friend James, … Continue reading