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ARTWORK Sea Speaks

A poem and painting I wrote and painted. The sea speaks to me in the doubts and discord of the upcoming election   ‘The Sea speaks,’ “My waves are stretched like arms to surround you. I carry kindness and love contagiously in motion to the shore. Help me to speak to the expressions of truth, … Continue reading

Keep Smiling, A Poem I wrote

A Poem I wrote last evening Keep Smiling I haven’t talked to you in such awhile, You know I’d do anything just to see you smile. I sing with glee when your contagious smile extends on to me. So just keep smiling… Don’t worry if people may see you frown, No matter what happens Try … Continue reading


My “feelings” poem. You can never rebuild my feelings Mend them that is true, But never like an architect with a tool to make a skyscraper reach tall in the dark. Cause I’ve committed myself to go about life with a certain celestial spark. And it is in me that makes me rise without falling … Continue reading


He is the handsome intelligent man that I love, He honored his visitation rights with his kids and provided them with food and shelter. When other men would move away and shirk the responsibility of raising their kids as teenagers, he stayed and toughed it out without raising a fist. He studied mechanics and fixed … Continue reading


A Poem I wrote in the 9th Grade Spring Spring is here but golly gee whiz, I wonder where my flower is? I planted the seed not very long ago But now my backyard is dry, is it going to snow? Ah but here it comes, Up, Up, Up, Flowing its petals in a tiny … Continue reading