Posted in April 2016

In Memory of Prince

I oil painted this yellow rose for a special occasion. Prince’s life has left such an impact on me, that I’m sharing this rose with you, in memory of the great artist, Prince who passed away today. His talent and sensitivity has touched everyone of us in this household, and he will be missed.  

A Poster for Dr. Smith

My psychiatrist, Dr. Smith and me, and this poster I made for him from my painting ‘The Light At The End of The Tunnel.’ It is a birthday gift from me. I have been his patient of 23 years..  

AK Learning Documentary- Schizoaffective Disorder

AK Learning Documentary- Schizoaffective Disorder with Sherry Joiner and Psychiatrist Dr. Ward T. Smith, produced by Professor Art Kohn for Cengage, a college textbook publisher. Seen by more than 100,000 university students.   Click here: the link to your video

ABOUT Ladies in Blue Group

Schizoaffective Disorder Politics   Living with schizoaffective disorder doesn’t stop my love and passion for our country and politics. I know my emotions and how I feel about certain issues and I am not afraid to voice my opinion. I believe that people should be treated equally and there is a place for everyone in … Continue reading

Schizoaffective Disorder- Different Angles

Seeing Schizoaffective Disorder and Sanity from Different Angles Sherry M. Joiner     I’m not a psychiatrist, but I have lived with Schizoaffective Disorder the majority of my life. I have the experience of being with and taking caring of this illness that affects me day in and day out, and I know which drugs that … Continue reading

Equal Pay Day

Thank you, to all men and women who support equal pay rights for women. Together we can make a difference.  

On my ‘Nature’ walk enjoying the flowers, the babies, the ducks, and the willow trees with my friend and neighbor, Susan Treacy, at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden in Portland, Oregon.


Flashback to when I was a ‘Flapper’ in the 8th grade at Freemont Junior High in Roseburg, Oregon – I played the role of Mimi in our school’s play, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and I was a dance choreographer creating moves and dance steps to the 1913 song, “Ballin’ the Jack” written by Jim Burris, music … Continue reading