About Sherry Joiner

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SHERRY CALENDAR 5X7As a young artist, I remember coloring a desert scene with pastels in my 4th grade class at Grant School, Salt Lake City, Utah. I was respected and praised by the grade school teachers and began to develop my style as an artist then. When I became a teenager I needed a tool to cope with and to add color to my dysfunctional life, so I bought oil paints, brushes, and a canvas. I worked through my problems by adding color to my canvas and created meaningful expressions of myself. I especially became captivated by the Keane’s paintings that hung in my room. I brought magic to my paintings during the Holidays and am particularly fond of “Realism” and painting children’s portraits and people.

Gallery showings: As an active member of the Oregon Society of Artists, I exhibit my paintings semiannually in their gallery. I am also member of NAMI Multnomah and exhibited in the “Music and Art for the Mind Show.”

My work experience has been teaching “youth america” as a Preschool teacher and helping people with debilitating diseases for 20 years. Being a lecturer for NAMI Multnomah in a psych ward and an In Our Own Voice speaker helps me to appreciate the real value of mental health. I have written a memoir and feel deeply saddened about the tragedy and all that goes on in the world and hope to make a positive impact with the expression with my arts.

On February 18, 2011, I was honored to have a photo op with President Obama with a group of chosen ladies from Ladies in Blue, OFA. In 1971, I fought for equal pay and in 1972, received a reimbursement settlement and statement from Oregon’s attorney general for my equal pay rights.
Previous writing- “Joao Pessoa- My Favorite City and Why?” in Authors of Tomorrow, Canada: Elder & Leeemaur-Publishers, 2006. Article written in March 2013 edition of NAMI Voice called “Bringing Peace and Happiness to the Psych Ward.”

Sherry Joiner




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