Posted in June 2022

Abortion Law

Before the Supreme Court decides to trash the women, children men’s mind and bodies in our democracy, I suggest that each judge ask each individuals in the US. and their loyal friends and families, about how they feel about having the burden of an unwanted baby in the family and how they will pay for … Continue reading


My Word is Live and be at Peace, that every Victory and accomplishment made towards saving the lives of our children, women, men, color, region, race be sacred and safe from gun violence and semi automatic weapons. Love for the caring and loving Fathers who will be without their children this Father’s Day because of … Continue reading

Multnomah County Fair

Grateful to enter four of my paintings I did for the Multnomah County Fair, Oaks Park May 28-30, 2022 Memorial weekend. The theme was- For Those Who Serve. My paintings brought home 4 Awards. First place Ribbon- A Peace Rose to Padre, First place Ribbon- Mexican man- Calling angels to Ukraine, 2nd place ribbon- Ukraine … Continue reading