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Changes from sadness

Making Lifestyle changes with Schizoaffective Disorder   With the many upsets in November and the sadness that fell upon Brazil’s soccer team recently, I am making lifestyle changes to improve my stress-management skills. I am getting plenty of rest, walking, and writing and will dabble in my oils again. I talked with my friend, Melody … Continue reading

Happy Easter and Feliz Pascoa

Yesterday, my husband, our adopted grand girls, their father, and me went on an egg hunt at Mt. Scott Community Center, Portland, Oregon. There was a DJ who played 60’s music and people in blue jeans were rocking out.  An arts and crafts table where you could make ‘bunny hats’ and Easter decorations, stood at the park entrance. We were served … Continue reading

Macramé holder for Maracas

Macrame Wheel to hold my ‘Maracas’ in. Do you remember ‘macrame’? I was a seasonal macrame maker. I macramed Santa’s at Christmas time, plant hangers in the spring, and colorful purses for the summer and fall. This is one of my pieces. I was all tied up in knots upon completion. I was wondering why … Continue reading


I was sitting with Julie Fast, author of Mental Health books and Get It Done When You’re depressed. She told me about her post and how she was managing her hypomania during the world cup. She said, “Sherry. When was the last time you were manic?” I said, “Saturday. I was so high on life I couldn’t stop laughing.” … Continue reading


Do you have placebos in your life? And if so, how have they helped you? A friend once told me what made his clock start ticking was the thought he could cause life to go his way through meditation and the nourishing of his thought processes. He could compensate for the highs and lows by … Continue reading