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Interview at OSH Museum

I have the special opportunity to be interviewed by Dr. Mickey Stellavato for a story about my experiences at the Oregon State Hospital, on Sept. 25th. The interview will be held at the Oregon State Hospital Museum at 2 pm. Here is an excerpt about Salem from my book Sherry Goes Sane: Salem! I’m in Salem. … Continue reading

A book excerpt

This is an excerpt from Sherry Goes Sane: Living A Life With Schizo-Affective Disorder. The greyhound made a stop at Boys town. I bought Doug a postcard with a picture of a statue on the face of the card. The picture was of a boy carrying a smaller boy on his back. It read, “He … Continue reading

Book excerpt: My Mother

The tragedies and sadness of her past molded her into a person she did not want to become. She was a proud Brazilian whose beginnings contrasted with her life in the United States. She came with a sense of fun and a feeling of freedom and acceptance. Her heart danced with the rhythm of the … Continue reading

Book excerpt: the wrath of God

That night the wind howls, and I think I am on a farm experiencing some tempestuous tornado. Mom’s chickens in the chicken coop are restless, and April and Patches, our horses, are stirring about, digging their hoofs into Ralph’s barbed wire fence. I witnessed a couple of gray-haired men with suspenders, overalls, and pitchforks on … Continue reading

Book excerpt: Sherry baby

I was becoming physically and mentally changed. Songs had a deeper meaning to me, and every note and every word was embedded in my soul. I wore tight-denim jeans with pink ribbons braided in the side seams of them, and every time that I heard the song, “Sherry Baby,” on the radio, I slipped on my … Continue reading

Book excerpt: my father

I showed some sensitivity toward him since distance had made us strangers, but I remember how heavy my heart felt as I grieved for the time we had lost. After catching up on our life’s experiences, he sent me away on a Greyhound bus to Salt Lake City and I met Mom and my stepdad … Continue reading