Posted in December 2015

Keynote Address- First Presbyterian Church

My Keynote Address Monday at the First Presbyterian Church in Vancouver. I gave a presentation to Neil Degerstedt, Regional Long Term Care Ombudsman on Aging and Disabilities of Southwest Washington and Volunteer Ombudmans. Neil Degerstedt comments were- “Sherry, Another round of applause for your heartfelt and deeply moving presentatiion today. Our volunteers and staff were very touched with your … Continue reading

A Christmas Card from the White House

Merry Christmas and thanks for keeping us safe, President Obama, Michelle, and family. This Christmas card was sent to me from President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Malia, Sasha, Bo and Sunny. I am so honored. May all my friends and acquaintances around the world have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy and Healthy 2016. Feliz Natal … Continue reading

ARTWORK Personal inventory

Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder Resolutions My promise for Christmas- This Christmas I promise myself to grow and become ever so stronger and better each day. To walk away from the paranoia, the weirdness, the clinging of my mind to the strange circumstances and events that I lack the power to resolve. I will grow … Continue reading

A Gift for Hillary

Shipped my painting of ‘Hillary’ to Hillary Clinton this week. Should be there on Monday. Photo is of my friend Theresa, left, my oil painting I did of Hillary, middle, and I, right.  

Remembering Maria

Remembering my Brazilian mother at Christmastime. On the back of her photo below, my mom, Maria Sherman, writes – “Queen Kalua riding a Big Wave.” Mom had a sense of humor at times. I’d like to remember her that way. Singing her own song while playing a ukulele as she surfs a wave in the Pacific … Continue reading

Comments- the Humanists of Greater Portland

Nearing the end of my 2015 speaking tour. People are reaching out in so many beautiful ways. I am so happy to say that I will give a presentation on Schizoaffective Disorder, Sherry Goes Sane to the Volunteer Ombudsmans at the First Presbyterian Church in Vancover, December 28th. Yesterday I just received a comment on … Continue reading

‘Humanist’ Comment

I am so thrilled to receive this comment about my speech ‘Living A Life With Schizoaffective Disorder and Sherry Goes Sane that I gave on November 29th to the Humanists of Greater Portland: Dear Sherry, I want to sincerely thank you for your presentation on mental illness. It was a moving presentation and informative. You gave … Continue reading

A Veil of Snow

Every year, for four years, I feel myself walking up a new spiritual path to celebrate another happening of my life. With the tiny hands of my adopted granddaughters- Kayla and Kylie, held tight in the creases of my palms, I pass through a veil of snow, the white powdery stuff, that hides the scars … Continue reading


World AIDS Day Schizoaffective Anniversary   My brother, Doug’s birthday is November 24th. World AIDS Day follows on December 1st. Not because of my brother, specifically, but for him and the many who were affected by HIV and perished with AIDS. I lit a healing candle for Doug, and the many that suffered and died … Continue reading