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Documentary AIDS

There is no cure for Aids and it took my brother too soon in September sixteen nineteen ninety within a year of mom’s Death anniversary   My brother, Doug, was a tender soul. He was nine years my younger. Before AIDS defeated his body, he took up knitting and knitted baby hats for premature babies.  … Continue reading


National Suicide Prevention Week   National Suicide Prevention Week is September 8th- September 14th. My sympathy and prayers go out to those that have completed their life through a suicide and for those who face and deal with the pain of suicide of their loved ones everyday. My Brazilian mother, Maria, Nov. 2, 1921- Feb. … Continue reading

Memorial Day

Memorial Day memories two brazilian sisters and a brazilian mother   My sister Diana who is a photographer, came up from Ashland, Oregon, to Portland to meet me for lunch at a local restaurant. She looks up to me as being her little sister, and I look up to her as being my redheaded Brazilian … Continue reading

New Zealand

Grieving   My love sympathy and sadness go out to the forty-nine people who perished at Christchurch in New Zealand and the twenty people who were seriously injured Friday. May the sorrow held by the victims, survivors and families affected by this insane act, be placed in the hopes of the country of New Zealand … Continue reading

ARTWORK Soul Boxing

Soul Boxing, a healing art   Having a ‘Soul Box Moment’ with friends and acquaintances, Tuesday night. We will reach our goal in February, I am confident.


I still grieve for my brother as if his death happened yesterday   Carrying on with my loving memory of my brother Doug, today, who died of AIDS on September 16, 1990, when he was thirty-two years old. And thinking of all the wonderful things he did for me, my family, and the world. The … Continue reading

ABOUT Two Icons

A painful two weeks dealing with the deaths of two people I admire love and cherish Missing Aretha Franklin, a beautiful soul and a great artist, and Senator John McCain, a dedicated patriot and a beautiful light.  Both icons with very good kind hearts. May the angels in heaven watch over them.

ABOUT Aretha Franklin

Words cannot express what a shock Aretha Franklin’s death came to me   She was an incredibly beautiful and talented woman, artist, and icon and could lift me out of depression with her dynamic voice. I will miss her. Painting Red Summer Rose by Sherry M. Joiner

ABOUT Memorial Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend   Have a Safe, Peaceful, Healthy, and Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. Thank you to the US Army, Air force, Navy, and Marines for all your sacrifices you made to keep our country safe.

ABOUT Tribute to Tia Paula

In memory of my moms sister   Losing someone is hard, however losing the last member of mom’s Brazilian immediate family of 12 is even harder.  Feeling such sorrow that my Brazilian mom’s youngest sister, my Aunt Paula, passed away the day before yesterday in Brazil. I met her in Bahia when I was in … Continue reading