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  • Sherry Joiner has been through it all… but now, Joiner, a Southeast Portland resident, has mastered her condition through counseling, therapy and medication, and she will be sharing her story on Tuesday, March 11, at a NAMI Clackamas County meeting in Milwaukie.
    Local author to discuss schizo-affective disorder (read full article), the Clackamas Review, March 5, 2014.


  • The prose is often beautiful, if harrowing, and readers will have sympathy for Joiner’s utter determination to find a way to live with her condition… An affecting, honest memoir useful to anyone trying to understand life with psychosis.
    – Kirkus Review (read full review)
  • Unlike few memoirs I’ve read, Sherry Joiner has turned her potentially tragic story into art.
    — Julie A. Fast, Bestselling Mental Health Author

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