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Our family photo from the eighties living with schizoaffective disorder   Happy Father’s Day, Joe and to all the fathers who give to their families with love, caring, patience, and honesty. Photo with Cathy, left, Becky, Joe, and I.


Having a productive day with Schizoaffective Disorder this winter going through my photo album   Found this treasure- my baby picture.

ABOUT Picture with Vice President

Schizoaffective Disorder opportunity to meet Vice President Biden   So glad that I had the honor to meet and talk with Vice President Biden. Here is a picture of Vice President Biden, Leanne Baldwin, (Ladies in Blue), center, and me taken at the Convention Center in Portland, Oregon, at the Vice President, Biden’s and Senator … Continue reading

ABOUT Sherrys Graduation

My Schizoaffective Disorder occurred when I was a teenager   Here is my high school graduation picture. I had a rough time with life then. There weren’t many outlets and ways to vent my depression and paranoia. No one to protect me from the abuse and stress. Looking back, I don’t see how I made … Continue reading

ABOUT My Epidural

Schizoaffective Disorder having an epidural steroid injection for my herniated disc tomorrow morning.   Please send healing thoughts and ‘fairy dust.’ I would be grateful if you refer to the items on my website while I am away. Thank you so much

ABOUT My Grandparents

Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder Searching for Brazilian roots   As I was looking through the pages of my mom’s wooden photo album decorated with palm trees, I came across a photo of her parents, Maria das Dores Bezerra and Joao B. Bezerra. My mom’s name, Maria das Dores, was the same as her mothers. … Continue reading

ABOUT Children

Preemie Mental Health Month   This month is Mental Health for Wellness Month. I am so proud to announce that I became a Great Grandma to little Phoebe Ann Marie Bell. More about Phoebe.She is 3lbs. 5oz. and knowing the struggles she is going through, being hooked up to IV’s, tubes in her nose, lessens what … Continue reading

HOME Sherrys Events

Schizoaffective experiences recorded Oregon State Hospital Doctor Mickey Stellavato I’m going to the Oregon State Hospital Museum. “Maybe I’m Crazy (lyrics from “Crazy,” by Gnarls Barkley) and “All She Wants To Do Is Dance,” by Don Henley, are playing on the radio. That means they know I am coming since I was out of my … Continue reading

My brother Doug’s Anniversary

Every year on September 16th, I celebrate my brother’s anniversary. I remember the first year I made an AIDS quilt with a blue and pink background and his name in the shape of a cross. I would go on a sentimental yet passionate walk watching the trees undress their branches into the brilliant colors of autumn, … Continue reading