Subject for Sherry Goes Sane Contest

sherry picks winner bar pic smallThis is Phase 2 of the Sherry Goes Sane Reader Contest. Thanks so much to everyone who made a suggestion about my painting that I’m giving away in an upcoming Sherry Goes Sane Reader contest. (if you are not aware of the contest, please read my earlier posts.)

Here are the topics I got to choose from. Thank you to everyone who made suggestions on my Facebook page.

Brilliant flower opening up to the sun. Ballet, Tango or Samba dancer. Memories from Brazil. Something from Brazil to honor the World Cup. Joao Pessoa (a place in Brazil) or Mardi Gras. Cottage garden including vegetable herbs and flowers.

Exciting! I put all of them in a hat and here is what I’m going to paint. And the winner is Brilliant Flowers Opening Up to the Sun from Alice Savage. Thank you Alice!

I’m excited to start painting.  I’ll keep you posted and announce the contest details next week.


JULY UPDATE: Click here to read all of the contest details.


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