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Today May thirtieth is namiwalks twenty twenty a national day of hope


Went on an internal peaceful NAMI walk today to fight against discrimination of mental illness, color, and people of all backgrounds. I walked for the sorrow of George Floyd and I grieved for the injustice. Something must be done, however, peacefully. People deserve a life. I grieved within my soul for the loss of families living during the pandemic and the individuals who were caught up in it and lost their lives. I did calming meditations as I walked and nourished my body and mind with hope and positive thoughts for government equality. I walked to release my  stress and anxiety and I prayed for a healing for the people of color and a solution to their problem where they would benefit. Witnessing such a horrendous act of hate for a person’s life as the officer for George Floyd’s is a heavy burden no one should have to carry. It is heartbreaking. When I got home I wrote to my Congressman and wrote about mental illness and the injustice of the country. Lets continue to distance, mask and strive to love and preserver. We can bring peace together.

Painting by Sherry Joiner of an African American man walking on his journey holding his child with courage, strength, peace and love.

The Walk




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