ABOUT Memorial Weekend

In grieving for my family and friends Happy Memorial Day weekend


I feel so much sadness, love, and empathy for the people of Brazil and my family living there during this new crisis. They must face the the pain of losing multitudes of people at one time, the hardships of needless deaths, and the realization that things will never be the same. I also have love, sorrow, and empathy for the people of the United States that are losing their lives everyday because of the virus. It is a long hard road to travel. Please have a safe and healthy Memorial Day weekend and Memorial Day. Love yourself. Rethink and rework your value and purpose of life and the lives of the ones who have gone before you. Realize that you can make a difference. The virus cases are soaring all around you. Take care, social distance, wash hands, wear gloves. Avoid big crowds. Stay home. Our loved ones are being missed.

Memorial Weekend

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