ARTWORK Coincidence

Ocean waves releave psychological pain of Schizoaffective and Bipolar Disorder

I called this oil painting I painted, ‘The Storms of Life.’ It appears in the month of July on my calendar of the year 2015. Every year in December, I make a calendar of my oil paintings. I was unaware of what events would take place in my world, in the draining hot summer of this month. I was faced with many challenges, meagerly working out problems in my family, sickness of a good friend and death of a dear friend’s daughter. Crisis’s all over the earth. The problems were stormy, like the waves I painted on the ocean, but I used my tools and was able to conquer the stress that brought on the psychological pain. I healed by writing, spoke my mind when I thought I was smart and I couldn’t hold it in any longer, decided not to let things build, and took advantage of my sense of humor. It was a coincidence, I should put ‘The Storms of Life’ in the month of July of my 2015 calendar when I made the calendar in 2014. I hadn’t planned to perceive the tragedies that brought on the storms of life, but I lived through them. Thank you friends for being there for me and for emailing your stories and giving your support to me. Sherry

'The Storms of Life'

‘The Storms of Life’

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