Memories for my angels

Joe, Jacob, Becky and I at the Original Taco House

Joe, Jacob, Becky and I at the Original Taco House

Stepdaughter, Becky, and Grandson, Jacob

Stepdaughter, Becky, and Grandson, Jacob

Celebrated my grandson’s 14th birthday yesterday at the Original Taco House in Portland, Oregon. The photos I took are of my grandson, Jacob, who is now 14. He will be a freshman in high school this September. The waitresses had placed a sombrero on the top of his head and sang “Happy Birthday” to him. My stepdaughter, Becky, is hugging him, and the four of us, me, my husband, Joe, Becky and Jacob are enjoying our burritos.  I wrote a short email to my daughter after we arrived home. She will be leaving our humble 2 bedroom hut on Saturday. It has been a month and a half stay and now she will be living in her new place. The email went like this:

You look beautiful in this photo. Keep eating well and keep on being the sweet caring person you are. The last month has been challenging for you and I. We come from different roots, thinking sometimes just the opposite as the person we are communicating with, and doing things differently. That’s not all bad, it adds flavor to life. I don’t expect you to think the same way as I do, and I hope that you don’t expect me to think like you. But it is good that we have gotten along and in this tiny house, and that ‘we can all get along.’ Life gets good and then it gets better. I was blessed to have you as a step daughter and to have such a wonderful man as your father to be my soul mate. Take the bad with the good and keep your faith. I wish you smooth sailing in making your new home and moving in. Remember your books, God, and our number when you get down. May you find yourself and the unique person you are. Keep being that optimistic messenger that you are, be healthy, and deliver truth, beauty, and love. There will always be an angel watching over you.  Love Your Stepmom, Sherry  Enclosed are your pictures.

Grandson Jacob's 14th birthday

Grandson Jacob’s 14th birthday


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